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Our locations

Genoa and Rivalta: two strategic locations for worldwide distribution

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This central, covered warehouse is located between Milan and Genoa. It stores steel from major worldwide producers.


Our headquarters and the second warehouse is located here. The proximity to the port allows quick delivering of material by sea.

Rolla, Traverso & Storace’s strategic position permits rapid distribution by road, rail, and ship to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our first-class rail link is connected to the Rivalta Terminal Europa. This is strategically located on the High Speed Rail that is linked to Northeast and Northwest Europe, as well as the port of Genoa.
Headquarters and Warehouse in Genoa - 16153 (GE)

Via P.D. da Bissone 9

Registered office and Warehouse in Rivalta Scrivia -Tortona -15057 (AL)

str. Savonesa 18

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